27-28 September 2020

The Real WINE Gum

About us

THE REAL WINE GUM; a sharing and gifting concept by VINOOS - Tasting stories. This Dutch brand is inspired by the bottle of wine, being a ritual and important in connecting people. Now you can have your edible wine tasting with friends. These little edible novelty gifts are unique, stylish and with a real WOW factor!

VINOOS edible designs are minimalistic and elegant. They have a sustainable process, good materials and every part of the manufacturing process takes place in The Netherlands. Attention to details and beautiful tastes are imperative to the brand.

VINOOS's aim is to create unexpected, tiny edible gifts to make new 'real' connections with your loved ones. Sending a THE REAL WINE GUM gift is more like personal connecting but without our devices. Be impressive, be original, be real.