27-28 September 2020


About us

Our ambition is to share inspiring places, captivating creations and worlds where you would like to dwell forever. These are the kind of bright spots and treasures that Luster is looking for and cherishes. The subjects we cover are quite diverse and vary from cultural history, architecture, art, design to interior, photography, food, urban space or travel. Within these fields our love goes out to things that have something simple and pure about them but that are at the same time extraordinary and anything but bland.
We publish around twenty books every year, devoting great attention to their tactility and their graphic design. We create these books together with writers, editors, photographers and designers who without exception are passionate about the matter, and who love books.
We also take care of the distribution in Flanders and Brussels of the publisher’s funds of Laurence King, BIS Publishers, Kannibaal and Hannibal. More specifically, we present the books of these publishers to the bookstores and other sales channels.

You can find our books all over the world – our international distributors are ACC UK, ACC USA, BIS Publishers (the Netherlands), Gingko Press (Germany), New Mags (Scandinavia), Art & Paper (France). We take care of the sales in Flanders, where you can find our books in bookshops, museum shops and in concept stores.