27-28 September 2020


About us

The 1:16 scale paper model chairs are a series of paper miniature model chairs and interior from internationally renowned designers from classic to modern to make and collect. The series was created by the specific interest of the designer in the possibilities of paper and the technology of diorama.
Designed by Tomoko Azumi & TNA Design Studio based in East London. The manufacturer is the paper factory Fukunaga Print based in Tokyo, also the manufacturer of the AIR VASES

The AIR VASE is a Japanese design. It is a flat circle of paper, easy to model to different shapes. It can be displayed as a solitary object or used to decorate a bowl or vase or as a wrapping paper for a present. Due to the net structure cutted in the paper, it can be pulled in different directions, giving each object a beautiful open structure. two dimensional paper circle can easily be modelled in different 3D shapes. The net structure that is lasered into the paper enables you pull it in all directions to create your own shape with a wonderfully open structure. There are various types available with patterns of several Japanese graphic designers. Some packages contains 2 or 3 different air vases, like the black& white, the Bauhaus and 'Sky' with patterns of Mina Pernonen. Other packages contain 3 of the same air vases, like the combi colours. Both sides have a different colour which contributes to a magical colour scheme when looked at your object from different angles. Also available as a message card.
Designed by Torafu architects; Made by Fukunaga print Tokyo