27-28 September 2020


Woonaccessoires Scandinavisch



Via Dynamic Comfort

ONCE UPON A TIME... More than 130 years ago, Jöns Petter Magnusson bought a small wool spinning mill in Klippan. It was the start of a long journey which has lasted for five generations. We spin, we dye, we warp, we weave, we brush, and all in our own factory… the art of weaving throws and blankets is not new, but it is a production process that involves many steps and high precision. At Klippan Yllefabrik we have had the privilege to develop our experience and refine our quality over five generations of family ownership. We are proud to have developed a wide range of home textiles made from start to finish in our own factory giving us full control of the production process and quality. We now sell world wide. Our factory is modern, but without losing the touch of craftsmanship. This enables us to be quick, flexible and innovative. We can dye and weave small lots which is the reason why we can keep up with the latest trends and launch a wide selection of new items each season. Additionally we work closely together with well-known textile designers and weaving experts to create a unique and interesting product range with a unique style. NOT JUST ANY WOOL Finding the right kind of wool requires extensive experience. And that we´ve got - in fact 130 years of it. We review and select wool from different parts of the world to get the quality of the fiber that we want.

Klippan Klippan Klippan Klippan Klippan Klippan
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