4-5 February 2024

SOXS Amsterdam


Keizersgracht 62
1015 CS Amsterdam Nederland
+31 (0) 20 2611 566

About us

Turn the switch with SOXS

Research has shown that the thermostat can be 2-3C lower in a room when people have warm feet. You can compare it to not being able to sleep with cold feet, but with warmer feet. This concept is the basis for our solution. The same feeling of cosiness only in a slightly less warm environment.

By wearing SOXS made from sheep's wool, you get warm feet again, as many people around the world have already experienced. We export to 20 countries and sold more than 100,000 pairs of socks last year.
The old-fashioned goat's wool sock in a modern, trendy outfit WITHOUT the prickly quality of the wool of yesteryear.
The socks are produced in Lithuania and packed in the Netherlands by people with a distance to the labour market. Because of the production in Europe, we have less trouble with possible logistical disruptions due to Corona issues.

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