6-7 February 2022

Jaq Jaq Bird

About us

Jaq Jaq Bird was founded in 2005 by Grace, a mother of three. Grace invented the ‘chalk mat’, a place mat that allows children to draw on the back and keeps them entertained at the table. In this way, restaurant visits inspired the launch of the Jaq Jaq Bird brand. Meanwhile Jaq Jaq Bird’s bestselling product has become their chalk book, a re-usable book with black pages that comes with ButterStix dust-free chalk. The book is easy to pack and lets your children draw wherever they want, again and again. ButterStix are special sticks of chalk that are dust-free, non-toxic and don’t stain. They can be used not only with Jaq Jaq products, but on other non-porous surfaces too. Simply erase the drawings with a damp cloth.

Jaq Jaq Bird’s collection also includes Wishy Washy Markers. These markers can be used on various surfaces (paper, Jaq Jaq chalk books, plastic, windows, chalk boards, white boards, etc.) and are just as easy to erase as the dust-free ButterStix.