6-7 February 2022



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Marthe Elfring

About us

Lindform - Vases, ceramics. The inspiration for the Swedish company Lindform comes from the Scandinavian nature with it’s organic tones and simple shapes. Emerged from a moment picking stones on a beautiful beach. The collection also contains influences from Japan, whose minimalist style marries well with the Nordic design. The vases are handmade of high quality and every piece is unique in itself. The collection STAM is a result of the collaboration with Swedish designer Daniella Witte.

Highlights from the collection

Prices shown are recommended retail prices

Vase Straw
Vase Straw
M - Hoogte 3.6 cm L - Hoogte 4.7 cm
€ 28,38
Bari Green Melange
Bari Green Melange
S - Hoogte 6 cm - M - Hoogte 7.5 cm
€ 22,50
Kyoto  Sand Light
Kyoto Sand Light
Hoogte 21 cm.
€ 65,00
Bari Stone Stripe
Bari Stone Stripe
Hoogte 10 cm.
€ 36,00
Relief Astrid
Relief Astrid
Hoogte 24 cm
€ 155,00
Vase Stam No. 2 Soft Beige
Vase Stam No. 2 Soft Beige
Hoogte 30 cm. - Design Daniella Witte
€ 154,00