27-28 September 2020


About us

1. Design. Pininfarina is now one of the most famous design houses in the world. Made famous for having designed the most prestigious models of Ferrari, Jaguar,
Maserati, today it is a design studio able to provide integrated solutions in different fields, from automotive to architecture, from smart products to retail. Recently
inaugurated, the Istanbul Air Traffic Control Tower https://pininfarina.it/en/work/iga-istanbul-grand-airport/
2. Technology. The special technique of the silver tip, used by Leonardo Da Vinci, inspires the ETHERGRAF® tip, created in collaboration with authoritative Italian
researchers from the Polytechnic University of Turin.
Conceived, made and forged by goldsmiths in Italy, it is the distinctive feature of our stylus. ETHERGRAF® is a patented material, lead-free, does not stain, can only
write on paper and above all does not fear the passage of time.
The modern heir to Silverpoint, it is an innovative metal alloy that leaves a light and romantic mark like graphite and timeless like ink.
The ETHERGRAF® tip writes by oxidation, it microscopically "scratches" the paper, oxidising it and leaving a light and precise mark. Due to its porosity, plain paper, i.e.
untreated cellulose paper, is a material that reacts perfectly to the passage of the metal tip. Can it write on all types of paper? Practically yes, but the presence of
adhesives, mineral fillers, dyes or additives in the paper compromises its natural absorption capacity, allowing only in part, the oxidation at the passage of the tip in