27-28 September 2020

S'well Bottle

About us

Sarah Kauss launched S'well in 2010 with the mission to rid the world of plastic water bottles. She believed that if we made a crave-worthy bottle that combined fashion with function, people would stop buying disposable bottles and we could reduce the single-use plastic consumption worldwide. It was an audacious goal, but she knew the world needed S'well.

Ten years later, S'well is the fastest growing woman-owned company in the country! Sarah is delighted every time she sees a S'well in a pruse, backpack or stroller. The fan base has been buil by word of mouth, one enthusiastic user to another. S'well is making a big difference by helping keep single-use plastic out of landfills and waterways.

Sarah is also incredibly proud to partner with UNICEF and many other important charities. Not only do our bottles work great, they also help accomplish great work.

Thank you for supporting our mission and being part of the journey. Together we can do amazing things!