27-28 September 2020




About us

Redopapers wants to end wastefulness by giving waste a new life. We believe in the power of beauty. By adding beauty, we give waste a second life. We create wonderful items from (paper) waste for people who love beauty and design. In real terms, we save paper scraps from the landfill. In print and copy shops, paper sheets and graphic misprints are often just thrown away. That's a shame, both from an ethical and an aesthetic point of view. We process these paper scraps into stylish weekly planners, useful to-do lists and eye-catching notepads. Our vision is quite simple: every resource we can save is a resource that does not need to be extracted. We think that wasting human talent is a shame too. That’s why we include vulnerable social groups in the production process. We work locally as much as possible. This reduces our footprint, improves the contact with our partners, and in turn benefits the quality of our products.