1-2 September 2024

STOOK porcelain jewelry

About us

STOOK is a jewelry collection of porcelain, entirely handmade and founded by Mianne de Vries. With her love for the material porcelain, she created this unique jewelry label. The collection is colorful en playful. At ShowUP we will present our current collection of rings, earrings and pins. And we also present our new collection for the first time!

STOOK Marble rings:
All rings in this collection are unique due to their varied marbling patterns.
Find your favourite ring and wear a unique piece of jewelry everyday!

STOOK MAT rings:
The rings in this collection are available in three geometrical shapes and five different colours,
with an unglazed finish which gives them a natural raw look and feel.

STOOK earring collection:
Wear your earrings however you want! With this interchangeable earring set you can create more than ten different design combinations! The earrings consist of a few separate parts in geometrical shapes; each earring set
comes of different shades of one colour.

If you are going for a sharp look, wear a single piece. Alternatively, if you really want to stand out, wear the complete set!
Would you like to be a bit different? Wear one of the forms on the back of your ear.

The STOOK Pin a party collection focuses on happy little moments. With these pins you can add a little party to your outfit each day! Pin these balloons, confetti or party flags brooches onto your outfit, and instantly carry some happiness with you.

Pin collection that consists of different types of fruit, delicacies and tities for the more
adventurous type. You can choose out of various quotes on the packaging that allow you to
write a suiting message on your present. As a shop you will receive a extra set of cards.