6-7 February 2022

Muja Juma


Hippolytusbuurt, 35
2611HM Delft Netherlands

About us

Muja Juma is a jewelry brand that is made of 925 sterling silver with or without a 2 micron gold plating. The designer Julia Cabral travels the world in search of the best materials. Her motto: "Beauty is an emotion and nothing physical" shines through in all her designs. Her jewellery is expressive, playful and elegant and inspired by her love for colours, travel and the abundance of nature. In our collection we use a lot of semi-precious stones, for example labradorite, moonstone, grenade , rose quartz , amazonite and onyx. This is what gives it an authentic timeless effluence. Every product is handmade with love and given in a glass box like a perfect little treasure. Love, Muja Juma