5-6 September 2021


About us

Rozablue, handprinted with love!
A new fair-trade home & lifestylebrand made with love with handblockprints for you! The beautiful designs and colors are from India. Craftsmen stamp the 100% cotton fabric with a carved wooden block - depending on the design and amount of colors – a number of times. Blockprinting is a centuries old craft. It might be the simplest and slowest of all textile printing methods, but it yields some of the most beautiful results. The beauty of the rozablue products lies in the imperfection of the human hand.

Rozablue: the colors are inspired by the bright cheerful colors that you see everywhere in the streets in India. We love these colors! Rozablue has an unique collection of handmade products: pillows, luxury bedding and linen, cheerful beachbags, colorful tablecloths and warm quilts. Things that make you feel happy at home!
The block printers work with a lot of dedication and precision. By selling these products, rozablue supports the employees and their families. And we ensure that the ancient tradition of blockprinting will be preserved.