27-28 September 2020

side by side

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side by side -
an authentic non-profit design collection

side by side is a German based design brand and was first introduced in 2002. The side by side collection consists of contemporary and functional lifestyle design products for use in your everyday life. However the side by side brand is also a successful co-operation between contemporary designers and workshops for disabled people working side by side using the expertise of the professional production plants of the workshops and presenting a modern design collection with an authentic and social conscience.
side by side – the Collection
The side by side collection is developed in cooperation with 30 designers. Currently the collection consists of 80 products, ranging from an authentic clothes dryer and ironing board to classic kitchen utilities and wooden shoe rack, bee hotel, napkin-rings and chop-sticks with wood as the main material. All products are designed for a smooth and simple production process.
side by side – the Workshops
side by side is more than an authentic and functional design collection. It is equally as important a successful co-operation with 20 workshops for disabled people. The workshops are professional manufacturing plants and the manufacturer of the side by side collection. They are supported in terms of buildings, machines and support staff by the Caritas organisation on behalf of the German Government.
And importantly the workshops are providing a protected social environment for the disabled people. Here they will have a regular daily time schedule, meet with friends, be part of a job they like and be part of the regular society and activities. All the profits made from side by side will go directly to the disabled people at the workshop plants – which is the overall non profit aspect and goal of the project side by side and the co-operation with the workshops.

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