27-28 September 2020





Flaws make everything unique. It gives character, making it more interesting and one of a kind. That is why every piece is made by hand. Designed with the greatest attention to detail, while still allowing for tiny imperfections. Because these imperfections are meant to be there, in your jewelry and in you. Your piece of jewelry will always be a little different than your loved ones', just like you. Imperfections that give your jewelry character and quality; the kind you only get from a true craftsman, doing what he loves most. We don’t just create jewelry, we also support dreams. Working with small, passionate creators and supporting them to realize their dreams is what inspires us. It’s those journeys full of risks and open minds that guide you to amazing things! We believe in creating the life you love by following your own dreams and path, which is exactly what our craftsmen did. That is why we make unique, one of a kind items, in a world where almost everything comes out of a factory. Our silversmiths work from their homes, in their gardens and close to their family. They call their way of life plan-plan; happiness and pleasure go beyond profit. All of our craftsmen have their own story of how they created their life and followed their dreams, and we’re here to share them with you. What's your flaw?

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