27-28 September 2020


Woontextiel Woonaccessoires Scandinavisch



Via Mervision Agency BV

This is our warp and this is our weft.
Established in 1985 by a couple, designer and pioneer of the Finnish rag rug Eija Rasinmäki and businessman Erkki Immonen, Finarte designs and manufactures affordable, sustainable rugs which balance a traditional Finnish weaving heritage with a contemporary Finnish design sensibility.

Finarte is the leading design house for Finnish rugs. The history of rugs in every Scandinavian home is long, and we aim to maintain these traditions with new colors and styles. The family-owned company has grown out of love – the love for handmade, well designed rugs and the love between two souls. Now a lifelong commitment in two-generations, Finarte carries on the same ethos with the same passion as over thirty years ago. The company began production in Europe, with its own factory in Portugal, until the early 90s, when Eija was invited to design for a rug manufacturer in India. This early collaboration grew into a life-long exchange of ideas and inspiration — about everything from manual weaving techniques to novel, reusable materials — to the point where these selfsame rug makers are now Finarte’s main production partners.

Today, led by the founders’ daughter Larissa Immonen, Finarte continues to produce rugs that reflect a careful balance of heritage and creativity, tradition and modernity, innovative design and reusable materials, east and west, a balance that can be seen in the textures, colors, shapes and forms found throughout our product lines.

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