3-4 September 2023



Stand number F.242


About us

We are inspired by the moments that really matter.
Those valuable pieces of time that feel oh, so good!
Ones you want to remember forever.
Savor the moment with the beautiful products from Leeff.

Leeff savors the moment

Leeff makes home accessories, tableware and textiles.
Or better yet: Leeff helps you “savor the moment”.
Because Leeff is where life is lived to the fullest.
At a cozy breakfast table, in a romantic bedroom,
during a quiet evening on the couch or in a house full of friends.
With beautiful candles and stylish tableware.
With comfortable blankets and soft towels.
With robust baskets and even robuster serving trays.

Leeff is a recognizable homegrown brand that represents warmth,
simplicity and quality. With home accessories that are specially designed
to savor those precious moments in life.