6-7 February 2022


About us

Quut: high-quality and durable toys that last generations.
The designers did not only go in search of the best and safest materials, they also placed the entire manufacturing process under the microscope. That is why at Quut sustainability is part and parcel of every single step: from design, production, packaging and transport to usage and disposal. That is Quut's path towards the circular economy.
Quut creates outdoor and indoor toys that combine design, multi-functionality, sustainability and ecological responsibility. Sustainability means "long lasting": Quut makes indestructible toys that continue to guarantee quality summer after summer, year after year and child after child.
Quut started out as the first beach toy brand ever. Colors and items
have since been added to offer a myriad of outdoor playing possibilities. Coherence in color, age and usage is imperative to offer you and your clients a clear overview of the Quut range.
The range has now been expanded with bath toys (Quutopia) and play mats.