27-28 September 2020

Toffe Peren

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Quirky Carrots, established in 2018 by Annette Behrens & Carina Hesper, an ode to the quirky fruits and unique vegetables. Worldwide an average of 30% of our food goes to waste. A part of this number are those fruits and vegetables that never become part of the foodchain in the first place due to their different appearance. With Quirky Carrots we want to change the perception of this important subject. In 2018 we developed a memory game with photographs of extraordinary looking fruits and vegetables. This way children as wel as adults are reminded that our fruits and vegetables can grow in the most beautiful, funny and crazy ways. This game consists of 24 pairs of vegetables and fruit. Try to match each pair. Be aware: look carefully! Every image is unique, no pair looks alike. The memory game was designed by Jelle F. Post and printed locally and environmentally friendly by Tienkamp Printers in the Netherlands. Besides the memory game we also sell beautiful postcards and high quality photo prints.

Toffe Peren Toffe Peren Toffe Peren Toffe Peren Toffe Peren Toffe Peren
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