27-28 September 2020

Minoshi Garden

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Via Ideaco Europe

Minoshi Garden is a suspended mobile for the home. Made of the finest quality washi paper called Pansion from Mino in Japan.
It symbolically captures a moment of Japanese nature – an ode to an ancient art of paper-making from the city of Mino.
Minoshi Garden explores the art of Japanese origami, which originated in a ceremonial context. The folded paper elements, recalling a flower or a star, are based on the geometric figure of the square, a shape replete with universal symbolic associations. In a play of light and shadow inspired by natural movement, Minoshi Garden becomes part of a living moment.
It is available in the form of a magnificent blooming bouquet of 31 flowers; 1 extra large, 2 large, 12 medium and 16 small.

Minoshi Garden Minoshi Garden Minoshi Garden
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