27-28 September 2020



About us

Since 2003, Chispum is a pioneer brand of author's vinyl in demonstrating that ideas and stories can be told beyond paper ... We were the first to support that drawing on the wall should not only be prohibited, but it was necessary ... We have always believed and defended freedom and innovation at the moment of creating, breaking boundaries, leaving the margins, scribbling, moving the stories from the books to the wall, to make them talk and tell funny things and unexpected. Your world, your home or office, is a place to enjoy daily with your family, to rest, to laugh, to communicate, to share, to read, to be able to be at ease. Our vinyls have a life of their own, they say things and they are designed to live with you and steal a smile every day. Or two. We are happy and we like to see people happy. That's our goal!