27-28 September 2020


DIY Interior Objects

Stand number B.52


Gageldonkseweg 1A
4815 PD Breda The Netherlands
0031 (0)76 5220133

About us

Assembli is a dutch brand, which incorporates the creative cooperation between Lankhorst design en print B.V. and dutch designer Joop Bource. Together we develop modern and challenging DIY-projects to build singlehandedly decorative elements. We prefer to use the word ‘project’ over ‘product’, because we aim to involve the customer more than usual in the realisationproces. Solving a 3D puzzle, like our papercraft kits, can work out very positive during the completionproces. Being offline for a while, working together with friends or family, being proud of making singlehandedly a sculpture, concentrating…every project is a ‘mindful journey’, sometimes even meditative, but can at times drive you to desparation. We continue searching in the inspiring world of paper and cardboard and keep exploring the infinite possibilities of these materials. The outcome of this search can be found in the future in the webshop as new projects.