27-28 September 2020

Spring Copenhagen

About us

We do home decor and interior accessories available in wood, ceramics, iron and glass. Designed and crafted by renowned, forgotten, unknown or upcoming Scandinavian designers.

Design and function matters. Aesthetics and originality matters. Creativity and quality matters. And Scandinavia is packed with hidden design gems ready to be shared with the world. Spring Copenhagen is here to make these designs be the difference in your everyday life.

Our passion for high-quality Scandinavian design drives us to find, develop and represent products, which in essence has helped shape and mold Scandinavian culture. We feel committed to push boundaries and turn these gems into new classics through a mix of creativity, fair business sense and dedicated collaboration.

We are Spring, and we set things in motion and make them grow. We honour rejuvenation, renewal, great stories and the celebration of original ideas coming to life. Our mission is to create a multi-brand design house focused on producing new classics.