27-28 September 2020

Paper on the rocks

About us

Did you know that the paper industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world? Grinding down forests and swallowing unimaginable amounts of water and producing tons of CO² emissions. Luckily, great alternatives are up for grabs.

Paper on the Rocks aims to change the way paper is made by developing high-end notebooks made from alternative waste materials, such as stone and agricultural waste. Our notebooks are completely tree-free, use way less water and energy compared to regular pulp paper, and no toxins are used. We develop regular notebooks for daily use and beautiful "branded" notebooks in your own corporate brand identity. Perfect for your relations and team, to show your dedication to sustainability and quality.

Paper on the Rocks is a Bcorp certified organization, meaning that "we use business as a force for good". Besides developing sustainable stationery made from paper alternatives and aiming to change an industry, we also invest 5% of our sales to reforestation efforts and naturel reserve protection initiatives.

Looking forward to see you at our booth!