27-28 September 2020



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For anyone who values ​​beautiful Scandinavian design for the home, but above all does not want to compromise on sound quality, the Danish audio brand Vifa offers a choice of no fewer than five sound systems. The outside is covered with the rugged textile of fabric manufacturer Kvadrat in combination with a seamless aluminum frame. The inside contains high-quality speaker technology from Vifa. The sound quality is great: authentic without any distortion, clear and with a wide range. Nice to know: the sound systems were given (by size) the names of Scandinavian capitals: Reykjavik, Helsinki, Oslo, Copenhagen 2.0 and Stockholm 2.0.

A sturdy housing made of one-piece cast aluminum offers optimum protection to the sophisticated technology on the inside. The systems are covered with a woolen fabric, woven by the well-known Danish textile producer Kvadrat. This specially selected fabric lets the sound through without distortion. Each system has been carefully designed, with the technology making optimum use of the chosen shape. The tweeter, midrange and woofer units are precisely matched to each other to make the sound sound as authentic as possible.

Enjoy your favorite music everywhere
The Vifa portable systems work with Bluetooth wireless technology, are equipped with powerful, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and can also be connected to the mains. The Stockholm is an exception to this, it is directly connected to the mains. The Copenhagen 2.0 and the Stockholm 2.0 are equipped with the so-called Vifa®Home system, easily set up with the Vifa®Home app on your mobile phone. But these audio systems are also easy to operate by hand. You can enjoy your favorite music at the touch of a button. This allows you to listen to your music through multiple speakers, in different rooms and through many sound sources. Finally, the Copenhagen 2.0 and the Stockholm 2.0 have a special button that activates Vifa®Link. This allows all units to be interconnected and automatically connected to the Vifa® Home system. In this way you create your own music zones in the house.