27-28 September 2020

La Boucle

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Created by two Belgian entrepreneurs, La Boucle is the ultimate belt, the only one you need to wear. Our success full story started by Kickstarters action (more than 600 participants) which allowed us to gather enough resources for an enthusiastic launch.

First City Collection contains 10 different colors, each one of them named after a city that inspired us: Brussels, La Boucle's native city's red color, as the heart of Europe; followed by Paris, London, New York, Los Angeles, Montréal, Lisbon, Dubai, Florence and Edinburgh.

Why La Boucle? Because it will be ready to follow you everywhere and to follow up with every activity and occasion: from travel, or sports, to official events...
Moreover, with La Boucle you will express your statements: our leather is coming from Italy and is produced in one out of 12 Italian vegetable tanneries.
And for each belt sold, La Boucle plants a tree. 5000 belts have already been sold in 6 months, which means that thanks to our WeForest collaboration, 5000 trees have been planted in Zambia!
On the other hand, the brand engages to ensure a 7 years warranty for your belt.

What about shops and sales?
The brand is currently presented in 70 shops in Belgium, having the well known Essentiel Antwerp, Terre Blue, and Must Have in Knokke among them...
As a brand for true travelers, La Boucle is sold in plenty of places such as France, England, Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Nederlands and of course, Italy.

All the necessary information on your fresh website : www.laboucle.com

La Boucle La Boucle La Boucle La Boucle La Boucle La Boucle
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