4-5 February 2024

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About us

The Belgian label Groovy Magnets, founded in 2009, creates and manufactures magnetic wall solutions. With their collection of magnetic products such as wallpapers, stickers and related toppings they show how to upgrade a wall in your home or office in a stylish and simple way. Without drilling or time-consuming assembly techniques, you can turn this into a magical place that is endlessly customizable.


Highlights from the collection

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Rotation shelf / magnetic
Rotation shelf / magnetic
The magnetic shelf can be used 360 degrees around: stick to your magnet wall, turn and create another image in no time. Move the shelves around as you please. No need to use a drill or screw!
€ 49,95
Photo ledge / magnetic
Photo ledge / magnetic
Thanks to its magnetic backing, the elegant ledge attaches itself to any ferrous surface such as our magetic wallpaper or magnetic stickers. Move around anytime! No need to use a drill or screw.
€ 34,95
Magnetic ideas: home office
Magnetic ideas: home office
Easily, place, move, replace at your home office: This chalkboard magnetic wallpaper allows you to create your own moodboard. Stick pictures, photos and notes to the magnetic wallpaper with magnets and write fun messages with chalk, multi pencil or marker
€ 42,00
Flower vase / magnetic
Flower vase / magnetic
Magnetic flower vases add colour and fragrance to the wall without drilling.
€ 22,95
Chalkboard sticker / magnetic
Chalkboard sticker / magnetic
Stick this self-adhesive magnetic chalkboard sticker on a wall, door or any flat surface. Writable with chalk or use as a magnetic board. Nice and handy for your kitchen, living room, or children's room for example.
€ 59,95
Magnetic sticker / vintage gold
Magnetic sticker / vintage gold
Its magnetic-receptive frontside can hold up functional magnetic accessoires such as: magnetic lamp, wall planter magnetic metal shelf and wooden shelf. The oval shape is ideal for using on a door, hallway etc.
€ 74,95