5-6 September 2021


About us

Making and catching memories, that is what Ohlalaa is all about!
Freeze the time, we wish it was possible every now and then. Immerse in the moment and save the memory forever. Because that is simply not possible, Ohlalaa designed the next best thing. Small treasures that capture or even create moments for cherishing. Whether that is with a unique story in a keepsake book, a series of pictures in a little box or a dear message on a postcard. New is the Special Day Calendar to register all those special dates. Obviously made with a timeless design, so you will still find it beautiful in eighty years. And always with a twist, because hey, don't take it too serious. All of this makes Ohlalaa what it is: classic, a bit quirky and a whole lot of fun!
Nice to know: all items are sustainably produced and most of them in the Netherlands