27-28 September 2020

Resources by TaksaToys

About us

Resources™ is a modern construction toy that is inspired by 7 different resources used in real world constructions - Stone, Wood, Sand, Metal, Brick, Tree, and Water but simplified into friendly minimalistic forms. Resources’ purpose is to be a tool to reinforce the skills that modern children are lacking; ones can be learned from playing with the wild nature. And the limitation of the toy? That is totally depends on your creativity! The Modern Construction Toy We are living in an environment surrounded by wonderful creations that make our lives better in every way. As mankind progress something new is being invented everyday and the most valuable asset to drive the world forward is undoubtedly the power of imagination. But no matter how far the world progress, there’s one simple truth about everything that we keep forgetting, everything that we can see around us can all be traced back to one common root and that is, ‘natural resources’… the fundamental of all creations. Resources™ is not just another set of construction toy. But each set consists of 7 uniquely designed forms that are all inspired by basic real-world ‘resources’ used to create actual modern world constructions.