5-6 September 2021

Creative Collection

About us

The Creative Collection story begins in 2014, when Bloomingville became a part of US-based Regent Holding. With this new global ownership, Bloomingville opened for new possibilities and markets and in 2016, Bloomingville was launched in US, taking the new market by storm with warm and cherished home interior designs. In 2018 the European markets were ready to welcome our all-American sister brand and Creative Collection became a part of the Bloomingville family in no time. A year later, in 2019, the brand went through an extensive makeover to adapt to the new markets and integrate even more with the customer demands. The result is a new visual identity to the brand, adding a contemporary and European take to the authentic American history.

A significant part of the new Creative Collection identity is focused around the brand promise; to enjoy authentic living. Creative Collection introduces products for every space – designs for every style. The overall approach of the brand is to empower its surroundings with authentic and creative designs; not being afraid of showing character and embracing its American roots. Each year the brand launches two strong main collections in a thematic shopping universe, where charming, personal, care free and beautifully voluminous styles are center of attention. The selection of interior designs showcases styles for every room, every taste, and every occasion – with the aim to bring personality to every home and offer the opportunity to make every space memorable. Feel welcome in the surroundings of Creative Collection.