27-28 September 2020

Moken Organic Eyewear

About us


The glasses brand Moken, offers now an eco-friendly alternative to eyewear design. Created in 2014, and having already innovated around cork and wood, the small brand from le Landes decided to take a radical turn by offering more than 90% of its products made from biodegradable, biological or bio-based materials.

Designed by the sea, in Hossegor, the brand draws its essence and ideology in its environment composed of water, sand and wood. The two founders passionated about outdoor sports and putting a little more of their eyewear expertise by developing products that look like them while respecting what is closest to their heart, their proximity to the ocean.

For both founders, the ecological awareness was during the winter 2013-14. It was one of the harshest winters in the South West of France in the last ten years. The Atlantic Ocean recorded a large number of successive storms contributing seriously to coastal erosion. The waves were so big that surfing was impossible for several months. At the beginning of March 2014, during the first lulls authorizing the first surfing sessions of the year..

The finding for the two founders was edifying.

Over 300km, the sand was entirely covered with plastic bags, fishing nets, packaging and other plastics that will take from 500 to 1000 years to disintegrate completely. In the water, plastic bags were wrapped around the arms of the surfers and caught in the drifts.

For them, it was obvious that plastic had to become a fight.