5-6 September 2021

Nice Guy Freddie

About us

Introducing Nice Guy Freddie. A Dutch-German label based in Berlin.

Nice Guy Freddie is your ├╝bercool phone cord attached to a bumper case. You have your phone always close but not in your hand. With an adjustable strap and multitude of colours. Wear it like a necklace or across your body as a handbag.

We're proud to launch our eco-friendly collection with sustainable phone cases made of wheat straw and recycled rubber, which are completely free of chemicals and toxins. The collection covers a range of gorgeous phone necklaces with a sustainable phone case made of biodegradable wheat straw and recycled rubber. It assures the perfect fit with the adjustable strap. Thanks to the colourful designs, they can be easily paired with different outfits and make for a great accessory.

Handmade with love in Berlin.