27-28 September 2020


About us

OSKAR is a new Belgian tableware and table accessory brand. We have created this brand with young adolescents in our minds. They tend to cook and dine with their friends and family at home instead of eating out, because restaurant visits can be quite pricey. With the right attributes, you can make a home dinner definitely restaurant worthy!

It all starts with a qualitative design of your tableware, a perfect match with OSKAR. We exclusively work with designs of Belgian creatives: product designer Marie van Tieghem and ceramicist Koen Ghesquière have had the honour to design the first two series of OSKAR: LEA and YANN. Recently Marie also added TOMAZ, a line of table accessories like pepper & saltshakers. Every series caries a name and is one of OSKAR’s friends or family members. They all have their own character traits which you can see reflected in the design.