3-4 April 2022

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Stand number C.142

About us

Elodie was founded by Swedish mum Linda Sätterstrom. What started out as a small one-woman business at the kitchen table quickly grew into an international brand with headquarters in Stockholm.

Linda's passion for design, creativity and functionality is contagious. The design team continues to create the most beautiful collections, ranging from pacifier clips and bibs to compact strollers, blankets and muslin cloths, changing bags and footmuffs, and so much more.

Elodie is fashion, pure luxury and design. With Elodie you can show your sense of style and highlight your personality.

Highlights from the collection

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Elodie Bamboe Fopspeen
Elodie Bamboe Fopspeen
Bamboez fopspeen met latex of siliconen speen vanaf de geboorte
€ 8,90
Elodie Slab Meadow Blossom
Elodie Slab Meadow Blossom
Elodie afwasbare slab met velcro sluiting in diverse prints
€ 19,90
Elodie Fopspeenketting hout
Elodie Fopspeenketting hout
Fopspeenketting met houten sluiting in diverse kleuren
€ 12,90