6-7 February 2022


About us

PIFFANY COPENHAGEN creates designs of practical functionality and elegant minimalism with a distinctly Scandinavian aesthetic.

The UYUNI candles have a gently flickering LED light to go along with the wax base. All the ambiance of a candlelit space, without any of the harmful chemicals that are released by regular wax candle use. 1. Patented 3D flame 2. Built-in 6hr timer 3. Optional remote* features (4x timer options: 4, 6, 8 & 10hrs* and 3 position dimmer switch) *Remote sold separately.

Mr. WATTSON is a handmade LED lamp made from carefully selected materials. The ash wood body with the vintage car inspired headlight gives you a distinctive expression. Whether you put it in a relaxed and laidback position with both legs on the table or dangling cheerfully with the legs from the shelf edge - the moving and flexible joints give Mr. WATTSON a lot of personality. The headlight is adjustable and comes in different colours. It enables you to adjust the light in your preferred direction.