27-28 September 2020

Mister Tody

About us

Welcome to the magical world of Mister Tody.
Mister Tody develops, designs and produces stylish cardboard toys for cool kids with a rich imagination. The designer toys stimulate the fantasy of children and let them enjoy the most amazing journeys riding their cardboard car, fighting the bad guys using their hero set or having a housewarming in their very own cardboard playhouse.

Mister Tody’s products are designed and produced in Belgium, supporting local businesses and local designers.

The cardboard toys created by Mister Tody are not only fun and charming, they are also eco-friendly. Mister Tody wants to contribute to the decrease of plastic pollution by offering magical cardboard toys that are easy to recycle and incredibly fun to play with. Will you join Mister Tody in their movement for more ecologically responsible toys?