7-8 February 2021

Candy Converters

About us

Parties are fun, but traditional decorations give such a mess. And we don't want junk, certainly not in our environment!
Candy Converters makes biodegradable confetti made from residual flows of candy paper. This Conscious Confetti of potato starch is a great replacement for paper or plastic confetti and leaves no traces in our parks, gardens or festival grounds, because after a rain shower it is gone!
The confetti is edible ofcourse - gluten-free, sugar-free and vegetarian, and with this: Candy Converters kills two birds with one stone! It not only prevents environmental pollution but also food waste! Whether you use the confetti in a confetti canon at a festival or as a decorative topping on a cupcake!
So who says that waste cannot be a party? Exactly!
Let's get wasted and throw conscious confetti!