7-8 February 2021


About us

Essencio, a new Dutch brand, helps you bloom by living and working from your essence. Our mission is to make the world stylish, calmer and more authentic, by giving you inspiration and by designing our own products. Our products will help you to live a meaningful life, to love every tiny moment, as it has a beauty in itself. Find out our luxury notebooks, postcards, posters and planners. We hope you will feel our love in the details and materials we have chosen. Nature gives us all the inspiration we need.

By using our products, we wish that you will experience the richness of life. That they may offer you a reminder to enjoy the little things that makes your life more beautiful. We wish that you will find beauty in everything around you, and know in your heart that there’s always enough time if you make time for what’s important. Find your moments of silence in your hurried live. And be aware of the lessons that nature will tell you.

Margreet & Jiska