6-7 February 2022


'We make the world love liquorice'


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About us

This is the story of the world’s smallest liquorice factory and one man’s desire to make the whole world fall in love with liquorice...

INTRODUCING - Born into a family of entrepreneurial spirits, Johan Bülow always knew, that he wanted to create something special. He threw his passion and attention into liquorice – a Scandinavian favorite that he felt was underappreciated and deserved to be taken seriously. He put in the hours and learned the craft the hard way, and by 2007 he was ready to cook, roll and cut his very first product.

2007 - On 07.07.07 the first Lakrids by Johan Bülow shop opened in Svaneke. The idea was to cook the liquorice in the shop, making sure that you could smell it in a radius of 100 meters. It worked. Everything was sold out within two hours. The last customer even bought the sample bowl on the counter.

2008 - Johan bought a liquorice machine and installed it in his newly rented factory in Taastrup, scaling production, to meet demand. This is where liquorice NO.1, NO.2, NO.3 and NO.4 were born.

2009 - Together with production manager Tage, Johan developed the idea to coat the liquorice with chocolate. They were told that it couldn’t be done, but the popular product A soon saw the light of day.

2017 - We might have celebrated our 10 year anniversary, but we are just getting started. Our vision is to spread the love for liquorice around the globe. Not only the sweet kind, not only the salty one, but the whole spectrum of flavours that can be achieved when using liquorice as a spice.

We make the world love liquorice.