27-28 September 2020


About us

Thousands of years ago, cavemen invented the wheel. Centuries ago, some smartasses invented the printing press. In 2015 three idiots added their own invention to the list which is most likely to put a halt to human evolution: Pockies – the only woven boxer with Pockets.

How has mankind been able to live without it for all these years. Where did Christopher Colombus hide his passport while setting sail for the new world? Where would Tom Hanks have put his wife’s picture during WW-ll? Where did Biggie keep his piece when frisked by the popo? No one knows.

Luckily for you, those days are over. Here on this tiny, serene safehaven on the internet we offer you a solution to these problems. For men, women, inbetweeners, young, old big or small. There is a Pockie or Sockie for everyone and we would like to invite you to have a look in our webshop. You might like what you’ll find. We got your back.