4-5 February 2024


Stand number A.32


Thijs de Torenwachterstraat 17
5302TR Zaltbommel Nederland

About us

Essentialistics is a minimalistic jewellery and candle brand.

The jewellery items are handmade and available in the colours silver and gold. All items are made of stainless steel, which means they are waterproof and do not discolour. The jewellery items are also nickel and allergen free. Many of the jewellery items are available in a size for adults and a size for kids. Besides that, the bracelets, necklaces, and anklets have an extension chain, so they are adjustable in size. Our jewellery is also great as a gift. With the help of our bags, boxes, and cards, you can turn any piece of jewellery into a present.

The candles are handmade from sustainable and environmentally friendly materials. We work with renewable stearine consisting of residues of animal fat from the food industry and vegan soy wax made from natural soybeans. The wicks are made of lead-free pure cotton. Our candles burn for a long time with a calm and bright flame without releasing soot or black smoke. Also, the candles don't drip and warp, not even in sunlight or due to high room temperature.

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