27-28 September 2020


Stand number A.19


Ooststraat 3
8630 Veurne Belgium
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Lennart Creel
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About us

If you live on planet Earth, you’ll have probably heard about Miami Vice series. Picture the intro that spreads The American Dream and the excesses of the consumer society back in the 80´s somewhere between Ocean Drive, The Florida Keys and beaches invaded by Flamingos. A flamboyance of them packed together and taking off! It’s obvious where does our brand come from. Our name adores all what this colorful bird represents.

Ok. It was already clear to us that we were naming our brand Flamingo… but, what about the story behind? We needed to create our own concept, and we felt that we identified with the seaside and the sun.

Could Florida match this? We were much more attracted by the west coast: Surf, sunsets, freedom, innovation, Apple, Facebook… We immediately fell in love with this idea about California. So, we started to scoop out, and we came across with a concept that captivated us: California Dreamin'. And Voilà! Got it!

Flamingo will emerge inspired by the Californian lifestyle focusing on millennials, young spirits, nomads, and hunters of light and experiences in the sun.