6-7 February 2022


Worthy to look at, hard to ignore


Hekven 2D
4824AE Breda Nederland
076 514 18 34

About us

As experts in home lighting and decoration, we’ve also introduces the brand LEDR which has been setting trends with our Patio Lights, Book Lamps, Letterboards, Kraft Paper Roller and Wood Lights.

LEDR is a new brand that would go further than your average home deco brand. LEDR doesn’t follow the trends but wants to raise the bar by introducing bold designs and out-of-the box products. All our products are made from natural materials. Our motto is: Worthy to look at, hard to ignore!

In line with the use of natural materials and the creation of cool home items that stand out, we have developed a new product: The Wood Light. The Wood Light is made in our Wood Light studio in the Netherlands. We use tree stumps that we give a second life, to prevent them from being thrown away. In addition, real Dutch leather is used to finish the product.

Would you like more information about Cotton Ball Lights and LEDR? We will be happy to help you during the fair!