6-7 February 2022

Burel Factory


Amieiros Verdes
6260-028 Manteigas Portugal
+351 914 322 686

About us

Burel Factory is a brand born in Serra da Estrela, Portugal’s most mountainous region with the mission of reviving an ancestral heritage.
Burel is the most typical fabric of this area, made in 100% wool, woven and drummed, with great resistance and versatility, but at the same time totally organic. An ancient fabric used by shepherds in the old days to protect them against harsh weather conditions.
The brand emerged to give it and new guiding thread, beginning its history by rescuing a closing wool factory and maintaining all the original machinery and people. It was also necessary to innovate in design and colour, working with designers and writing new chapters in fashion, home décor, architecture, and interior design.
Now we are presenting our history for the first time at ShowUp bringing you our line of home décor with colorful throws and cushions; and fashion with practical bags, accessories, soft shawls, and scarves.