6-7 February 2022

BloomsBox Flowers & Fragrance


Rijksstraatweg 9
3545 NA Utrecht Nederland

About us

Since three years, Simon Speelman and Erna Ebbinge have been making a green and original gift with Blooms out of the Box. A gift that can also easily be send by mail: the BloomsBox! Based on the gift box for wine, this wooden box contains something completely different however: dried flowers! The BloomsBox is both the (shipping) packaging and the vase for the flowers. It works very simply: after receipt, you slide the lid off the Box, remove the bouquet (and the greeting card with personal message) and slide the lid back into the Box. Then stick the flowers through the holes in the lid and.... enjoy your own field full of flowers!

In addition to dried flowers, the BloomsBox is also available with dried flowers and fragrance oil. A bottle of natural fragrance oil is added to this box, and sticks spread the wonderful floral scent. The scent gives the feeling of standing in a lovely summer field full of flowers!

We believe it is important to contribute to a greener world. We therefore use as few materials as possible and always opt for the most sustainable, greenest alternative in our choice of materials. It is not without reason that the BloomsBox is both the shipping packaging and the vase; this way we save on unnecessary extra packaging materials for shipping. We compensate for the (limited) carbon footprint of the Box by planting bamboo in Uganda.

In addition, we also think it is important to do something for our environment in the social area. We work together with two sheltered employment facilities in Utrecht. The flowers in the BloomsBox are carefully selected and processed into a bouquet by colleagues from these working companies.