6-7 February 2022



2630 Aartselaar België

About us

Pottery is our nature

We breathe design and nature. That’s why we develop unique elements, mainly ceramics, wood, wicker or glass. These interior objects offer you countless possibilities to infuse your home with green. No matter if you live in the countryside or in a modern urban hide-out where every inch matters. And do not forget to add a touch of design to your outdoor setting if you have a garden or a terrace.

Pottery is our nature. It’s what excites us and triggers our curiosity. For each and every design we look for the perfect balance between flowers, plants and interior. Every day we create pieces which are not restricted to one single space or setting. Thanks to our pottery designs, you can make arrangements with flowers and plants to fill your home with greenery, no matter which season.

Twice a year we present you our timeless and new collections, all with an authentic feel. We love to use natural materials which you can combine endlessly. The wide variation in the collections result in different themes so you can always find the perfect match for you interior style.

D&M deco was founded in Belgium in 1992, so you can rely on more than two decades of expertise when it comes to textures, techniques and materials for all our designs. Today we are a trendsetter in the sector and we are always looking for sustainable materials and production processes. From photography to graphic design and styling of the boutiques: our young creative team puts a very own D&M stamp to every space – also yours.