6-7 February 2022



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About us

ROBOTIME, founded in 2007, is a world renowned brand that focuses on 3D wooden puzzles, toys and wooden handicrafts. ROBOTIME owns three(3) sub-brands: ROKR, Rolife and Robud. Last year Orange Panda joined forces with them and became exclusive agent for Robotime Europe. We also provide distribution to small independent boutiques as well as major retailers.
Robotime is dedicated to providing innovative, imaginative and educational products to customers all worldwide. ROBOTIME has designed over
400 DIY wooden puzzle items including our famous Robotic Dinosaurs, Mechanical Gears, DIY houses and Music Boxes. Their goal is to build DIY for your enjoyment and at the same time to strengthen capability and creativity.
ROBOTIME is well known for its rich experience as it comes to originality and creativity (over 10 years) in wooden puzzles designs.
They produce high quality puzzles in a state of the art manufacturing facility (38,000 sqm, 500 employees, 20,000,000 pieces produced per month)
As “Quality is the priority” is the main focus, Robotime constantly is working to improve their products in order to reach the standard of EN71, FSC, BSCI, etc. They believe that children would grow up happily through assembling our innovative products. Therefore Robotime has loyal customers from all around the world.

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