6-7 February 2022


About us

Founded in 2016, SoL started as a brand who wants to end waste.
When they think about ending waste, they don’t just want people to think about recycling, or re-usable products on a surface level. They want people to start thinking about products from production phase, from the source, how are the goods you buy made?
The collection consists of to-go cups and bottles in various sizes and many different and beautiful colors. A real eye-catcher for in the storer and for the consumer there is always a color that suits you.

The main slogan for SoL is:
“The ultimate eco accessory” – plastic free, reusable and beautiful.

- 100% hand blown glass
- Lightweight and plastic free
- Sustainable & etically produced
- Beautiful design and package
- Zero waste – reusable

Highlights from the collection

Prices shown are recommended retail prices

SoL Bottles
SoL Bottles
850ml - Seaside Slate, Cool Grey & Coastel Cream
€ 35,00