4-5 February 2024

VINOOS - The Real WINE Soaps

Turn your day-to-day wake-up routine into wine happy hour!

Stand number G.273

About us

At Vinoos, we approach "the ritual of drinking wine" from the senses, because we love wine and in particular, moments created by it. We create innovative, unique wine experiences that you buy as gifts for someone else or for yourself. Particularly different and unique in the world. Always with the goal of creating a moment for each other (The Real Wine gum) and/or for yourself (all-natural real Wine Soaps).

You're worth it, just like opening that bottle of wine to reflect on the moment. Creating moments of happiness and memories, that's what it's all about.

The Real Wine Gum is the first brand of Vinoos - flavours of Wine. Small edible wine moments packed in a beautiful box to say that you think someone is special. That you would like to have a wine moment with someone. A good conversation. (we-time)

Now we are coming out with the 'Scents of Wine' at ShowUP. All-natural, artisanal real Wine Soaps. The wine experience is now cast in a Me-time concept. It's okay to open the bottle, even if you're alone. You are worth it!

This beautiful handmade Wine Soap Collection transforms your daily wake-up routine into wine happy hour!

- Handmade in a workshop in Paris
- by a real soap maker
- 100% vegetable ingredients
- with respect for ancestral knowledge
- ingredients of the highest quality (clay, chestnut honey from the foot of the mountains in the Vosges, algae, essential oils, plants)
- You can feel the difference with ordinary soaps. Beautiful mousse, gentle action on the skin.