4-5 September 2022

Maxwell & Williams


twentehaven 7
3433 PT Nieuwegein Nederland
0031 30 630 23 13

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Ritzenhoff BV
Bas Groefsema

About us

The exceptional quality and affordability of Austrailian brand Maxwell & Williams Designer Homewares speaks for itself.

At heart, Maxwell & Williams' promise holds true to the foundations it was built upon: exceptional quality, and the lifestyle choices that each range creates. Something our loyal customers have enjoyed since the brand first entered the market back in 1996.

From the kitchen to the table and beyond, the Maxwell & Williams range has a piece for every occasion – from a casual afternoon tea to a dinner party banquet. We use only the finest materials available, from the world’s leading manufacturers, offering high-end ceramics, glass, stainless steel, and acrylics.

Whether you’re a family looking to refresh or a couple starting out in your first home, the potential, possibilities and combinations are impossible to ignore.

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